I would really like to hide behind definitions on urban farming and cultivating hydroponics, light spectrum, and mineral nutrient water. However, it is quite dry content, I mean – by all means – ask me if you’d like to know more…

This business is about something else though.

I just wanted to grow my own vegetables. It sounds so admirable when I hear others about it: all self-sufficient and healthy. Well it is, but also it is a lot of trial and error (like A LOT). And it is hardly done right at once, nature definitely has a will on its own.

And it has such a calming effect watching the plants, at the same time it gets me really excited (LOOK A NEW LEAF!!!). I suppose I could reiterate why this is trending nowadays: less plastic waste, less transportation, more nutrients and taste, no pesticides. There are many valid and very important reasons to grow your own herbs and leafs, but I guess for me its even more rewarding to just watch these plants grow and then to pluck a few leaves to add to my fresh salad or tea (!).

The skill of growing your own crops is so fulfilling and great to have, it definitely changes your view next time you are presented with a salad.

I would be happy to facilitate this experience for others as well, so.. here Leafy exists. If you just want to grow your own leafy greens, or wish to bring the experience into your establishment, I can help.


Now, ‘growing’ this business feels exactly the same. It is a lot of trial and error, much patience and persistence. The Leafy cabinet and subscription is designed for restaurants and hotels, but circumstances drive me to make it available to a wider audience, and so be it.

A seed has been planted.